Lambda sensors

  • Product Information

    Lambda probe high technological quality products that, due to its position in the exhaust system, are subjected to high thermal, mechanical and chemical loads, reason why wearing occurs.

    As the Lambda probe a specific configuration for each engine, the technical features of the replacement probe and original probe must be identical.

    Some of the most relevant features in this case are the material, setting, probe protection cover, protection pipe type and heater type.

    Bosch Lambda Probes Program

    • Bosch invented Lambda probe and is global leader in the Market of original and spare equipment.
    • Bosch Lambda probes Bosch are patented and correspond to the newest technology.

    Basic Bosch Program: original Lambda probes

    • Compliance with 100% of the requirements of car manufacturers
    • Original connector
    • Safe and reliable electrical connection
    • Additional tasks are not required
    • Coverage of 90% of vehicles

    Complementary Bosch Program: Universal Lambda Probes

    • Maximum market coverage with only 9 universal probes
    • Only Bosch’s universal program takes into account that Lambda probe different sensor elements and different thermal capacity
    • Easy installation without special tools

    Probe Type

    • Lambda Probe 4 wires:
      Black - signal
      Gray - mass
      Whites–heating resistance
    • Lambda Probe 3 wires:
      Black - signal
      White–heating resistance
    • Lambda Probe 1 wire:
      Black - signal

    Advantages of a periodic check and compliance with the replacement ranges

    • Prevents the increase of fuel consumption by up to 15% comparing to old or defective Lambda probes.
    • Low emission of harmful substances, thanks to its proper operation.
    • Compliance with the emission values, working with a catalyzer in good working condition.
    • Constant driving behavior and engine power.

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