Pressure gauge


1 – Fuel input

2 – Fuel return

3 – Valve plate

4 – Valve support

5 - Diaphragm

6 – Pressure spring

7 – Connection for the intake manifold

1 – Fuel input

2 – Fuel return

3 – Valve support

4 - Diaphragm

5 – Pressure spring

The regulator maintains the pressure on the fuel supply circuit, including in injection valves.

Installed in the distributor pipe or in the circuit with a pump, is a regulator with return flow. It ensures uniform and constant pressure in the fuel circuit, which allows the engine to work perfectly in every rotation schemes. When the pressure rises too much, there is a release in the feedback circuit. The fuel returns to tank without pressure.

The regulator needs to be tested and replaced as needed, deserving much attention from mechanics and sellers, because if there are problems in this component, the engine will have its performance compromised, with deficiency in the fuel supply system.

Pressure gauge Bosch


  • Pre-calibrated Spring
  • Sealed carcass
  • Special diaphragm
  • Calibrated orifices


  • Constant fuel pressure
  • Does not allow fuel leakage
  • Long service life
  • Constant flow


  • Better engine performance
  • Operation safety
  • Less air pollution
  • More fuel economy

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