Flex Fuel


1 - Canister

2 - Gasoline reservoir for cold starts

3 - Relay

4 - Electric fuel pump

5 - Solenoid valve

6 - Canister purge valve

7 - Temperature and air pressure sensor

8 - Fuel gallery/Injection valve

9 - Detonation Sensor

10 - Rotation Sensor

11 - Temperature sensor

12 - Phase sensor

13 - Ignition coil

14 - Accelerator Pedal

15 - Spark plug

16 - Lambda Probe

17 - Fuel pump

18 - Command unit

19 – throttle Body

The Bosch Flex Fuel System is capable of recognizing and adapt automatically the functions of management of the engine for any proportion of alcohol and gasoline mixture in the tank.

The identification of the mixture is made by the oxygen sensor (also known as Lambda Probe). After the fuel burning, Lambda Probe sends a signal to the command unit that starts the fuel recognition process, alcohol, gasoline or a mixture of them.

From this identification, beside the desire expressed by the driver via accelerator, the software of the command unit performs a comparison with the ideal points mapped. Thus it determines how de different components of the system must behave to generate the expected performance – having the lowest possible consumption and pollutants emission rates.


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