1 - Fuel pump

2 - Fuel filter

3 - Pressure gauge

4 - Injection valve

5 - Air flow meter

6 - Temperature sensor

7 - Air injector

8 - Butterfly switch

9 - Command unit

10 - Command relay

11 - Spark plug

The LE-Jetronic system is electronically commanded and injects the fuel in the intake manifold. The injection has as function to provide the amount of fuel exactly dosed, necessary to the engine’s several working regimes.

The LE-Jetronic command unit receives various input signals, from the various sensors that send precise information about the instant engine operation conditions. Then, the command unit processes this information received and calculate the appropriate fuel injection time, through an electric signal. This time is also known as injection time (iT).

In the LE-Jetronic system, the injection valves spray the fuel simultaneously, what is to say, they are all driven at the same time. In this system, the injection command unit controls only the fuel system.

The LE-Jetronic system is analog, and therefore it does not keep in memory possible damage that may occur. It has no fault lamp for the injection system.


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