Mono Motronic


1 – Fuel pump

2 – Fuel filter

3 - Butterfly potentiometer

3a - Pressure gauge

3b - Injection valve

3c - Air temperature sensor

3d - Idling actuator

4 - Engine temperature Sensor

5 - Lambda Probe

6 - Command unit

7 - Tank ventilation valve

8 - Ignition coil

9 - Spark plug

10 - Rotation Sensor

The main feature of Mono Motronic system is the existence of a single valve for all engine cylinders.

This valve is mounted on the throttle body (part like a carburetor). The throttle body integrates other components that in the Motronic system are scattered around the engine, like Idling actuator and butterfly potentiometer, among other.

In the Mono Motronic, the ignition system is also controlled by the same command unit. The features of Motronic and Mono Motronic systems are similar, differing in the amount of fuel injection valves.


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