1 - Fuel pump

2 - Fuel filter

3 - Pressure gauge

4 - Injection valve

5 - Air flow meter

6 - Temperature sensor

8 - Butterfly potentiometer

9 - Rotation Sensor

10 - Lambda Probe

11 - Command unit (injection + ignition) of the tank

12 - Tank ventilation valve

13 - Command relay

14 - Ignition coil

15 - Spark plug

16 - Canister

The Motronic system is also a Multipoint system. It differentiates from the LE-Jetronic for having, in addition to the injection system, also the ignition system incorporated in the command unit. It features a Lambda Probe aggregated to the injection system, installed in the exhaust pipe.

The Motronic system is digital. It has adaptation memory of and malfunction lamp. In some vehicles, for not having distributor, the ignition timing control (spark) is commanded by Rotation Sensor, installed in the engine flywheel (static system).

Also in the Motronic System, the Tank ventilation valve (known as canister valve) allows the reuse of fuel vapors, which are highly toxic, thus contributing for reduction of pollution, which is the main advantage of the electronic injection.


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