Motronic ME7


1- Canister

2 - Canister purge valve

3 - Pressure sensor

4 - Fuel gallery / Injection valve

5 - Coil / Spark plug

6 - Phase sensor

7 - Electronic Accelerator Pedal

8 - Air mass sensor with integrated air temperature sensor

9 - Throttle body

10 - Gas recirculation valve (EGR)

11 - Detonation Sensor

12 - Temperature sensor

13 - Lambda Probe

14 - Fuel pump

15 - Electronic control unit

The main features of this system are: Butterfly with electronic throttle control; torque-based engine management, through which are adjusted the parameters and functions of the injection and ignition system.

The driver's desire is picked up through the Electronic Accelerator Pedal. The command unit determines then the desired torque and, by examining the engine operating regime and requirements of other systems (air-conditioning, traction control, ABS brake system and radiator vane), established the torque strategy, resulting in ignition angle, injection volume and throttle opening.

The modular structure of software and hardware provides configurations specific for each vehicle. The electronic damper control increases the accuracy of the system, reducing consumption and improving drivability. The torque-based engine management facilitates integration with other vehicle systems. Also, duplicate sensors allow for total safety of operation.


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