Motronic MED


1 – High pressure fuel pump

2 - Flow control valve

3 - Fuel gallery

4 - Ignition coil

5 - Pressure limiting valve

6 - Injection valve

7 - Air mass sensor with integrated air temperature sensor

8 - Throttle body (EGAS)

9 - Pressure sensor

10 - Valve (EGR)

11 – Broad band Lambda

12 - Planar Lambda Probe

13 - Catalyst

14 – Low pressure fuel pump set

15 - Command unit

16 - Electronic Accelerator Pedal

17 – High pressure sensor

Until the launch of the MED Electronic Injection System, the mixture of air and fuel was generated in the aspiration pipe. The search for new possibilities to further improve the injection resulted in a new technique: direct injection of gasoline with electronic adjustment – Motronic MED7 – a new generation with 15% reduced consumption.

With the MED7, the engine the engine works cost-effectively idling or in dense urban traffic situations: Thanks to the staggered load, the engine can work with a mix extremely poor and therefore with reduced consumption.

When full power is needed, the MED7 injects gasoline in a way that a homogeneous mixture is generated. The direct injection engine is more economical than conventional engines including in this operation mode.


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