1 - Canister

2 - Gasoline reservoir for cold starts

3 - Relay

4 - Electric fuel pump

5 - Solenoid valve

6 - Canister purge valve

7 – Air Pressure Temperature Sensor

8 - Fuel gallery/Injection valve

9 - Detonation Sensor

10 - Rotation Sensor

11 - Temperature sensor

12 - Phase sensor

13 - Ignition coil

14 - Accelerator Pedal

15 - Electronic throttle body

16 - Turbo-compressor

17 - Lambda Probe

18 - Turbo-compressor control valve

19 - Cylinder valve

20 – CNG supply valve

21 – CNG pressure gauge

22 – CNG valve

23 - Gallery

24 – CNG injection valve

25 – CNG cylinder

26 - Command unit

27 - Fuel pump

28 - Spark plug

The Trifuel Bosch, digital multipoint engine management system, allows the use of Car Natural Gas (GNV), gasoline, alcohol or any mixture of these two fuels in the same vehicle.

With only one command unit, the Trifuel manages injection and ignition systems, air control, adjustment of detonation, among other components, based on the analysis of various sensors that adjust the mixture, the progress and the amount of air that enters the engine.

The presence of a turbo compressor in the system assists in the utilization of different characteristics of the three fuels. It can generate a gain of torque that eliminates the loss of performance in current converted cars.


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