Candle Heater


At the start-up, the diesel engine needs to compress the air received and heat it up around 900 °C, so that the combustion can be initiated. As faster as the combustion chamber heats up, faster the engine start-up is.

Among diesel engines, there are different combustion chambers, what makes difficult for the temperature to be the same in all engines. In order to make the diesel engine work more rapidly, it is necessary to heat the combustion chamber up, this is the candle heater’s task.

Bosch candle heater, beyond heating up the combustion chamber more rapidly (four times faster than the traditional ones), keeps it warm even after the engine is already working. This is the post heating function (post-incandescence).

Benefits of the pre heating function:

  • The engine starts to work more rapidly;
  • Extends the battery and start-up engine life cycle, because the diesel engine starts-up faster.

Benefits of the post heating function:

  • Less engine noise in the cold phase;
  • Less production of pollutant emissions;
  • Engine smooth running;
  • Improved fuel saving;
  • Less white smoke formation.

Heating time control module. For the post heating function, the candle heaters need a time control module to keep turned on, exactly during the time when the engine needs, until the ideal temperature is reached.

The modules control time in pre and post heating phases, avoiding that the chamber gets cold or too warm, which may cause the battery to discharge due to an excessive heating time. The candle/modules sets in older vehicles can also be reused, obtaining the same benefits.

The new generation of DURATERM candles has numerous advantages when compared with the traditional ones in the market, especially concerning durability.

Bosch Candle Heater
Features Advantages Benefits
Inconel 601 nickel frame Rustproof Easy replacement
Chromium/nickel heating tube Higher Durability Less maintenance expenses
Duraterm regulator filament Heats up faster Fuel Saving


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