Navigation systems

  • Product information

    More Than Just the Way to your Destination: Cutting-Edge Navigation Systems

    Modern navigation devices combine various audio, navigation and communication functions in one compact, integrated unit. In addition to receiving radio, they also play compact discs or MP3 music files from the drive, via the USB input or the AUX-IN connection.

    The navigation system allows you to choose the most environmentally-friendly route, which helps to optimize fuel consumption when driving. What's more, the Bluetooth interface and hands-free unit enable you to make telephone calls safely in the car. The functions can be set simply and quickly using the touchscreen or the control buttons/knobs. The large color screen is easily readable and displays various user menus such as radio stations or a list of audio files as well as navigation data or telephone numbers. The display of additional functions, such as the video from the reversing camera, is optional.


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