Vehicle Bulbs

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  • Trucklight

    Trucklight: Vehicle bulbs for all those who want to avoid downtime

    As every haulage company knows: Vehicles only pay their way when they are on the road, whereas breakdowns and repairs keep them out of action and cost money. Which is why Bosch Trucklight vehicle bulbs are the ideal choice for commercial-vehicle operators. They are used everywhere in situations that depend on high quality and reliability. Trucklight vehicle bulbs meet the high demands of well-known vehicle makes – and find frequent use as a result.

  • Trucklight Maxlife

    Trucklight Maxlife: A Trucklight for every situation

    A long service life and sturdy design make Bosch Trucklight Maxlife the professionals' choice of vehicle bulb for all kinds of requirements: It is just as well-suited to the everyday long highway journeys of trucks and buses as it is to all commercial vehicles facing the toughest conditions in off-road use.

    Trucklight Maxlife vehicle bulbs guarantee reliable light in even the toughest operating conditions and challenging road conditions. The stamina of the Trucklight Maxlife results not only in reduced bulb consumption, but also in reduced downtimes due to bulb changes.

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